Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bro. Jim Hatfield and Bro. me

Bro. Jim Hatfield and Bro. Steve Weaver

No, Halloween didn't come early this year. No, these are not production photos of another "Scary Movie" sequel. These are pictures taken last night featuring world famous pastor/writer/blogger, J.D. Hatfield. Bro. Jim graciously consented to allow his picture to be taken with pastor Steve Weaver and yours truly (me). I can't speak for Steve, but I feel that my years of struggle to become successful in ministry has (have?) finally paid off. I am on the pinnacle. There is nowhere to go but down from here.

Seriously, though, it was a blessing to meet and fellowship with Bro. Hatfield. My impression of him, from far too short a time together, was:

He is passionate about God.
He is passionate about the Word of God.
He loves the People of God.

If you are not currently reading Voice of Vision you should start now.


Kim said...

Well, I think Bro. Hatfield is all those things you say.

It's too bad he doesn't like Josh Groban, because then I'd think even more of him. :-)

Even So... said...

Kim, ..............

Garry, it was wonderful to meet Steve...

Craver Vii said...

Garry, that tie is sooo shiny. What's it made of, fishscales?

Just kidding. I wish I coulda been there. You guys are great.

Garry Weaver said...

Craver VII,
Thanks for asking about my shiny tie. It gives me an opportunity to pass along a helpful hint that I know most preachers will appreciate. I always spray my ties with PAM cooking spray as soon as I bring them home. It not only keeps my dribbles from sticking, but it also gives the tie a lovely sheen.

I wish you coulda been here too.

Kim said...


That thing with the tie is really funny. I'm going to have to tell my pastor that one.

Dan said...

You were correct on all three counts. J.D. is all of that and then some. He has been my pastor, mentor and best friend for a couple years now. He is the real deal.
God bless you all and keep on blogging. I appreciate all the time and study that goes into a good blog and the diligence to keep it going.