Friday, June 29, 2007


I found this little jewel sitting in the woods behind a body shop. The owner of the shop bought it from it's original owner several years ago with the intention of painting it for a keeper. As you can see, he never got around to painting the car. I talked to him about this car 3 years ago and he would not even consider selling it, but yesterday, he said "It don't look like I'm ever gonna do anything with it, so if you want it, I'll sell it to you." So I bought it.

As you can easily see, the paint has completely disappeared from the top, flat surfaces. It has also accumulated a nice collection of live oak branches, as well as a fine patina of surface rust. Other than that, the body is strait and solid. The interior is near perfect with the exception of dirt, mildew, and a cracked dash (But I know how to fix that).

From this view it clearly seems to be saying, "Garry! Pleeese take me home with you." What kind of Christian would I be, if I hardened my heart and ignored such a pitiful plea?
Can you tell that it has the wrong wheels on it? Those are Camaro IROC wheels. Don't get me wrong, they are okay wheels, but they don't belong on a Monte Carlo SS. Have no fear, though. The original Monte SS wheels are inside the car.2 in the trunk, 2 in the back seat.

Today, I hope to charge up the battery, pour in some gas, and bring it home so it can have the love and attention it deserves. From time to time I'll be posting pictures of this '86 Monte Carlo SS as it progresses toward restoration...or gets sold.

BTW, I also intend to continue offering the unmatched, award winning wit and wisdom that my readers have come to expect from this blog, so stay tuned. But for now, I'm headed for Tennessee to hang out with my boys and grand younguns.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I ordered a bunch of books! You should too! They're cheap! You can give 'em for gifts and people will think you paid a lot of money for them, but you dint. Better hurry! The big sale ends tomorrow.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Buggy said that he didn't want me to blogspot him under any circumstances, but I see through the ruse. His words are really a plea:"Pleeeese mention me on your blog." So, here you are Bugblaster. It's all about you.

BTW, He has been posting some amazing articles on the book of Leviticus that are seriously helpful.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I got these pictures off the internet. I presently don't have the proper equipment to scan my personal photos onto the computer. As you can see from these scenes, Santiago is a beautiful place. However, it is the people that are the real beauty of the place. Oh! For one more chance to gather that little group(I can see each face in my mind right now) into my living room and give them the glorious gospel of grace one more time.

Most towns in Mexico are built around a central park, which becomes a place of relaxation, entertainment and a thriving market-place every evening. This is one view of the park in Santiago Tuxtla, the town in which we lived while missionaries in Mexico.

This is the first view that you get of Santiago Tuxtla as you approach from the south on the Pan American highway. This is an interesting view because, when you first see it, it is on your left. As you continue on for about a half mile, you get the same view on your right.

This is a carved stone head from the Olmec era (1500B.C. -200B.C.) that was discovered nearby. It sits at the west end of the park. 3 houses down the street, which is directly behind the head, is the house where we first lived when we arrived in Santiago. To the right of the pink house that you see behind the head is a hospital where I spent some time. To the left, on the corner, (not visible in the photo) was a restaurant where two large ladies known as "the chicas" cooked up a variety of tasty treats. I spent some time there too.