Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We have a Bible conference beginning this coming Sunday thru Wednesday. The guest speakers will be:

Pastor Steve Weaver from Lenoir City, Tn.

Pastor Jimmy Strickland from Clarksdale, Miss.

Bro. James Shutt from Savannah, Tn.

Bro. Howard Estep from Elizabethton, Tn.

Most of these men are not widely known, but they are faithful preachers of God's Word.

The only one who is widely known is Pastor Steve Weaver. I probably couldn't have gotten him to preach in such an insignificant place as this, but I know stuff on him. He'd better preach good, or I'll tell it. Wait a minute...He knows stuff on me too. Never mind.


Jeremy Weaver said...

Pastor Steve Weaver of Pastor Steve Weaver's Blog is a good preacher. Maybe a little too good. Hmmm?

Even So... said...


Not next week

why why why why why!!!!!!!!

No no no no no no no no!!!!

Pray that I can have at least one day (Tuesday) to make it over, because next week is heavy for me...seriously...

What are the times? PM or AM and PM?

D.J. Cimino said...

I hope you all have a good time! Enjoy the newest grandbaby!

Craver Vii said...

What is the significance of the title, "Brother?" Is that an elder or lay minister?

Garry Weaver said...


The services begin at 7:00 pm. I hope you can come. I will try to work out a time for you to lead in silent prayer.

Thanks. It will be the first time for us to see Lydia.

I used the designation "brother" because these men are not pastors. In most circles they are considered evangelists. However I am hesitant to use the term evangelist to indicate an itinerant preacher. I personally think that the missionary has more in common with the N.T. evangelist than does an itinerant preacher.

Craver Vii said...

"carver?" You mean like a surgeon or Jack the Ripper? Either way, no thanks. The pseudonym refers to seven things that I deeply long for, or "crave."

And thanks for your answer. It's respectable that you use a formal title to honor distinguished speakers who are tentmakers or who are not full-time clergy.

I'm still praying for you dad, my friend.

Even So... said...

7pm Tuesday night, Lord willing...

Garry Weaver said...

Sorry. I'm either dyslexic or illiterate. You pick.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Sounds like yall are in for a good time with that many preachers in one place! Your post made me chuckle and by the way I always smile when I read Amazing Grace and Old Chevys!

Write a post about the conference later, I would love to know how it goes, it has been along time since I have been to a Bible Conference.

take care and may God bless you in the work you are doing in His name.

Joe said...

This guy, Steve...do you know him? I mean REALLY know him? I've heard some things about him.

Garry Weaver said...

Looking forward to seeing you. Email me at pastorgarryweaver@gmail.com

Thanks for the kind words. Maybe we can get live blogging from Steve. He's a natural at I hear.

Yes, I really know him and he really knows me. It makes for a slightly nervous fellowship.