Sunday, January 07, 2007


Actually I've been home for over a week, but I have had sermons to prepare and deliver as well as 2 weeks worth of grass to mow. The blessing of living in Florida is that you get to enjoy lawn care year round.

Also I'm preparing to preach a Bible conference in Astatula, Fla. later this month. All this is difficult for a lazy guy like me.

Hopefully I'll get a new post up by Monday. Thanks for being patient with me.


Anonymous said...

You mean to say that you have priorities higher than that of your blog? Huh. Outrageous!

Just kidding. Glad to see that you are back in the blogosphere. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Kim said...

My hubby was thinking that he would start a new Christmas tradition: mowing the lawn.

It may be January in Canada, but we have a pretty green lawn.

Steve Weaver said...

You've been gone?

Garry Weaver said...

Priorities? What's that? Thanks for the encouragement.

It's still in the 80's here. If Buggy wants to mow yards on Christmas, come to Florida.

Yes, dummy. I was at your house.