Saturday, October 07, 2006


For some reason, I can't seem to make these photos appear in the right order. Nevertheless, I'd like to see who can identify the correct year and body style of these 5 old Chevys. Aside from the model year and cosmetics, there is one major difference in the body style of these cars. What is it?

If you guess right, you won't win anything. However, at least we will know that you have not completely wasted your life.


David said...

56, 57, 56, 55, 57

Steve Weaver said...

Yes, but incomplete.

'56 2 door hard-top
'57 2 door post
'56 2 door post
'55 2 door post
'57 2 door hard-top

Garry Weaver said...

Good, thirstydavid.

Excellent, Steve. You've made your old paw a proud man.

Anonymous said...

Now pick out the 210s and the Bel Airs.

With all the option combinations back in the day (let alone customizing) it can be hard to tell. No question about that bottom Bel Air, though. She's loaded.

Nice collection!

Sorry I missed the party at the beginning.

Joe said...

Being a real radical, I never liked Chevys.

Garry Weaver said...

Joe, you've hurt me deeply. I fear for your mental and spiritual well-being. The next thing to go could be your doctrinal orthodoxy. Get off the slippery slope now, while there is still time.

BTW. It also grieves me to inform my readers that Steve cheated. I'm reeling from two heavy blows. Brethren, pray fer me!

David said...

We always have such high expectations for our children, and it hurts to see them stumble. I will pray for both of you.

Steve Weaver said...

I didn't cheat. In order to cheat, one must violate rules. None were posted. I simply answered the question. I discerned the year by the filename of the pictures. And I've heard daddy talk alot about post and hardtops, so I figured it out from the pictures. I can't help it I'm smart.

itsboopchile said...

I can't guess. I don't know one car from another.
But my son and daughter-in-law are Mustangs restorers and they could have told you very quickly what they were. They know more than the Mustangs.
They run their business on God's timetable and with God's rules and backing. And, they are successful.

If you ever get away from Chevys, Mustangs are beautiful.

Betty G

Anonymous said...

Wierdos and steve does cheat.