Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm sorry that I haven't posted for a while. I know how frustrating that must be for those of you who view this blog as a necessary part of your daily goof off time.

I realize how irresponsible it is for me to be so lax in providing this mighty weapon against spiritual wickedness and non-Chevy products. I have been pretty busy lately, but I plan to do better in the near future.

Hopefully, I will soon be able to post some pictures of the '68 Nova that I recently aquired.

Oh yeah, and I plan to say some nice things about Jesus too.(Note to self: Work on your priorities, dude!)



Steve Weaver said...

You mean there's two of us!?!?!

Seriously, I look forward to your next post!

Tim A said...

You can count me as your #3 reader. Though I am not a Chevy fan, I am a fan of Jesus, and know you are too.
I do look forward to your next post.

Neil said...


Thanks for your kind words at my blog, you nutcase.

D.J. Cimino said...

hmmm... I don't re3call the Weaver boys driving Chevys. My prayers for them need to be more fervent!

Jeremy Weaver said...

When I have money to buy a truck, it's gonna be a Chevy. None of this hippie Volvo junk.

Terry said...

Hi Garry,
I don't normally do blog endorsements in the comment area, but if you don't already read Paul's blog, he has a great Chevy story. You can find him at preacherthoughts dot blogspot dot com